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Feedback from AEE Northeast Regional Conference 2015

Fun With Values, Beliefs and Cognitive Dissonance

"Wonderful workshop!  Very engaging and lots of great tools acquired in a short time period"


"Really Great.  It honestly got me thinking about what I need to change in my life. I am grateful for that."


"The teamwork between Scott and Heather was very important to the workshop."



Feedback from AEE Northeast Regional Conference 2014

The Keys to Success: Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Through Experiential Groups 

"This was incredibly helpful!  I liked the balance of moving activities and discussions."


"This really forced me to think critically about my life. Thank you!"


"This should be a 3 hour workshop and definitely a preconference one. Sooo relevant and elegan, simple and effective.  Thanks so much!"


"Really great tools to get participants to think more deeply.  Well done!"


"Learned so much, wanted more time!"


"Thanks for bringing in some highly relevant activities to work environments but also for personal self-reflection."

Team Building

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