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Welcome to Outside the Box Experiential's video and Picture page!

2020 interview on Chris Cavert's ON TEAMBUILDING Podcast HERE
2022 interview on the PROSOCIALLY YOURS Podcast by Elizabeth Hess for Research Press
New Oriental Education and Technology Group Video Summer camp at Jinhai Lake in Pinggu District of Beijing, Summer 2019! HERE

Manchester Community College

Adventure Dynamics Class

May 2015


A collage of 2 days spent on the Manchester Ropes Challenge Course with my 1 credit MCC Adventure Dynamics course

Same Planet...Different World (Trailer)

Join in Scott's adventures as a camp director for an internationally staffed summer camp in China!

Pencil Ninja

(recorded at CEEA March 2015)


Pencil Ninja is an addictive activity that explores how we set goals for ourselves.  Do we aim too low or too high?

Me and Jim Schoel at NEO Air, March 2015

This man is one of my biggest influences, having virtually invented Adventure Based Counseling.  Truly an honor to spend some quality time with him!

Pencil (or Chop Stick) Ninja

Outside the Box Experiential

Emotional Intelligence/SEL Programs Promo Video

Culture Shock

(recorded at NCCPS, Boulder Colorado, February 2015)


Culture Shock explores communication issues such as cross-cultural or cross-generaational communication as each of three groups tries to communicate a message in a very different communication style.

Transformer Tag

(recorded at NCCPS, Boulder Colorado, February 2015)


This activity explores the concepts of identity, protecting your identity versus changing it, adaptation and assimilation.  Presenting different visual signs, each person tries to changes others to their sign.

This version of Pencil Ninja was played at a 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence workshop with corporate executives in Japan.  They used chop sticks in place of the pencils!!!

Culture Shock

(recorded at NAREN, Baltimore Maryland, April 2015)


Playing games at NEO Air, Durham NH, March 2015

Rock-Paper-Scissors Olympics

As the Playnote/Keynote facilitator, this is the largest, wildest game of Rock-Paper-Scissors Olympics I have ever facilitated...over 300 people!  This was from the NAREN Conference in Baltimore, Maryland in April 2017

Raucous Rock-Paper-Scissors Tourney NCCCPS in Boulder Colorado in February 2012.

 Camp Pinecone Staff Training at Thaiwoo Resort, Chongli China July 2017

Discovery International Camp 2019 Preview

Thank you note from student after Terrain Race

This was the kind of note that makes me feel like I can retiring knowing I helped someone!  Definitely one of my career highlights...(printed with permission)

Team Building

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