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Based in the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut, Outside the Box Experiential LLC owner Scott Goldsmith is the author of the book Experiential Activities for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: A Group Counseling Guide to the Keys to Success. Scott is also a school psychologist at an alternative high school and the coordinator of the Manchester Ropes Challenge Course in Manchester Connecticut. Scott was named the 2018 Manchester Regional Academy Teacher of the Year and the NCCPS 2018 Practitioner of the Year.
Through Outside the Box Experiential, Scott offers team building programs and professional development opportunities. Known for his passion, charisma, humor and creativity, Scott’s ability to quickly and effectively create community and help others elevate to a higher sense of self has been experienced at numerous keynote (playnote) presentations, workshops and conferences at the local, state, regional, national and international levels. Scott is also a professional musician, black belt in tae kwon do and constantly seeks out physical and mental challenges that foster personal and professional growth for himself and those around him.

Team Building

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