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What People Are Saying About Our Workshops...

Thanks again for all your work!! To say the least our staff are crazy about this stuff.    Tom A., Group Home Clinical Coordinator


Scott is very talented and truly excels in this area. We are most thankful and very appreciative for the opportunity to learn from him. He is certainly a credit to the Manchester Public Schools!

Jack Peak and Kathleen Tapper, Co-Principals, Manchester Hospital Clinical Day School


I just had to email you, because we just had our social skills group. We used the “Front Back, Switch” game from your book. We split the class into two groups and both groups went extremely well. The kids cooperated through more activities because we were really impressed with how they responded to the activities today!

Avery Chucta, Speech and Language Pathologist


Hi Scott, I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for taking the time to work with myself and the other participants during Friday's team building activities. Not only were the activities exciting, they were meaningful and really showed us how to make the most out of them as an entry point to connect with our at risk students. I can not wait to continue with this training and to see it used! Thanks again for all of your help.

Idelisa T., High School Teacher working with "At Risk" youth

Working with Scott was a real pleasure. Our students were not only able to engage in fun, meaningful activities that brought them closer as peers but also as a team ready to work together, better. Even more importantly, the students that Scott worked with and the activities in which they participated prepared them to become more effective facilitators. We'll be in touch again for possible future services. 

Steven Dutton, Associate Director of Student Engagement, Muhlenberg College

Scott, I can’t tell you how grateful we are for your time this past weekend. Before the training was even over, the managers were getting texts and calls about how great it was! The feedback has been phenomenal.

Tamarack, Group Home Manager


Thank you again for leading the Adventure 101 workshop. It was a great experience for me and I have already used one of your strategies--"clap once if you can hear me." I think what you have to teach is very helpful and valuable, and you were a really great teacher, very friendly and generous with your time and energy.

Josh S., Group Home Worker


Thank you Scott! I just tried “Dropped Ball” (we called it Oopsies!) and “Chosen Few” with two low-functioning 8th graders. What a change in mood in my room! I’m going to try some of this next period with my hyper group of 6th grade boys.

Donna P, school psychologist Coventry , CT


Thank you Scott, it was an amazing weekend of training! I haven't stopped talking about it yet!

Debi, Group Home Staff Member


I hope to be able to show the school system up here in Rutland Vt how influential the experiential world can be to and for the clients I work with. I had a blast at your workshop and have already used some of your strategies/games on a couple group outings this past week.  Let's just say that I have a lot of "ninjas" that want to use not only pencils, but noodles, quarters and more to show off their skills and push themselves to strive to do more...

Brett Myhre, Outdoor Adventure Counselor, Rutland Mental Health Services

Team Building

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