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Locus of Control Targets












This activity is a variation on the activity Comfort Zone from my book (P. 218 Experiential Acitivites for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence).  It helps participants understand the concpet of Locus of Control.  It can also be connected with the concepts of Attribution Style and Growth verus Fixed Mindset.



Create a list of words in which you can ask the following question: "What level of control do you have over...."  For example, you can ask about weather, parents, friends, grades, attitude, mood, using drugs, etc...  



Briefly review the concepts of Internal versus External Locus of Control.  Internal Locus of Control is when you believe that events in your life are the result of internal factors such as your decisions.  External Locus of Control is when you believe that events in your life are due to external factors such as luck or someone else's choices.  While it is generally desireable to have a predominantly internal locus of control, functioning at either extreme can be unhealthy.  For a more detailed discussion of Locus of Control as well as Attribution Style and Mindset, please refer to my BLOG Article HERE.


The Action:

Designate the middle of the space you are using (i.e. classroom) as the Total Control area.  This area represents the belief that you have total control over something.  The outtermost parts of the space (i.e. the walls of the room) represent the things you believe you have absolutely no control over.  The areas in between represent the belief that you have some control over situations.  Closer to the middle suggests a higher level control whereas closer to the outside represents lower levels of control.


As you ask each question, participants should move to the area in your space that represents the level of control they believe they have about what you have asked.  Debrief as you go.




Team Building

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